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Much more than delicious Chai, can taste the LOVE with every sip. Thanks Jess for sharing your spirit in a cup.

Bianca Batalha: Sydney, Australia.

Amazing white hemp kimono ... very light and soft texture feel .. love it .. throw over any outfit

Vicki Elazar: Sydney, Australia.

5 stars

Subra Doyle: USA.

Heart warming chai

Wow this chai is just perfect, nothing better than a mug of ‘from India’ chai during the cold winter months. Will definitely continue with this brand of chai it’s delicious and the spices are so perfectly balanced! Thank you from the uk x

Bryony: London, UK.

yummiest chai ever!

really delicious chai, I make it on the stove with soy milk and a little bit of honey. Amazing!

Sophie: Melbourne, Australia.

Best chai I've ever tasted.
Service is excellent as well
I've literally never tasted anything better.

Michoel Moshel: Melbourne, Australia.

I’ve never had chai before but after trying Jess - @fromindiawithlove chai it’s become my alternative to regular tea or if I don’t feel like a coffee ! Very tasty and cleansing !!!!! Highly recommend!!!!!

Vicki: Sydney, Australia

"The Sun never says to the Earth, "You owe me." Look what happens with a love like that. It lights the whole sky.” - Hafiz