2020 is wrapping up!

“Our whole spiritual transformation brings us to the point where we realize that in our own being, we are enough.”

― Ram Das


Tea as a ritual

In India, chai is an art.

Chai is an integral part of everyday life, and a special greeting offered to all guests visiting Indian homes.

Day and night, in the houses or the streets, the smell of spices fills up the air and follows your steps."

- https://medium.com


Chai is a tool that connects people with each other, it allows you to drop all barriers put between each other and spend time together, opening up and being honest about what's really going on. 

Not only with people, it is something that can connect you to yourself, if you need a minute for yourself, you can step back from your busy day to day life, grab a journal, warm up some tea, and write down ten things you're grateful for, ten things that made you happy today, and things that is on your mind. 


Travelling and exploring

We get so caught up in our life, it's good to pack a bag and explore the world. From India With Love encourages you to leave your home for a period of time, and go and explore the world, go out camping, go sit under the stars, boil up some tea and immerse yourself in the universe. Connect yourself with the divine. Realise there is nothing separate between you and the divine.

Things we have learned while travelling 

As the founder, I have recently packed my bags and moved to Byron Bay, along the way I have met a whole bunch of gems who are creatives- artists, writers, musicians. All doing what we would call the alternative way of life, and thriving. 

It has been an eye opening journey to say the least to meet some of these people and watch how they live their lives. 

One of our latest quotes by our favourite authors Moshe Topol in his book "Forgiveness is a superpower" 


"I forgive myself for losing faith in magic. 
Magic is everywhere
for those with 
eyes and hearts
open enough to see."
Photo of Founder Jess Lips with Author Moshe Topol
Founder Jess Lips with Author Moshe Topol holding a large packet of Chai and his book "Forgiveness is a superpower"
Our favourite brand "Little Known Makers" made a visit to Byron Bay, and we did a little shoot together.
She is a local business based in Sydney, Australia, selling hand crafted bags and cushions from local artisans in Madagascar and around the world. 
Here are some photos!

Founder of Little Known Makers with her cushions, From India With Love Chai and a Salty Aura Rug

Founder of From India With Love holding chai and wearing Little Known Maker Bag


We have taken our chai to some of the best beaches in Byron Bay, and participated in some Photo Shoots with one of the best Himalayan Meditation, Kriya and breath work instructors in Byron Bay- Shakti Savita. 

Here are some of the photos from the shoot incase you haven't seen from earlier posts!

To the left is the founder of From India With Love and to the right is Himalayan, Kriya and breath work meditation instructor Shakti Savita in Byron Bay.

To the left is the founder of From India With Love and to the right is Himalayan, Kriya and breath work meditation instructor Shakti Savita in Byron Bay.


We also made a quick stopover back in Sydney, Australia last August and participated in a Chai Ceremony with the Sacred Sisterhood Sydney gatherings. 


Founder Jess Lips with Bibu Ruth and Jessica Jane- founders of "Sacred Sisterhood Sydney" with the rest of the girls from the sacred gathering held on the 23rd August 2020.


We are excited for the many more gatherings and meeting to come for the rest of this year- so far 2020 has been a wild ride, and excited to ride the next waves.

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