Daily Routines

A lot of people have been asking me (founder of From India With Love) what are some things I do during the day that contribute to my daily routines.

So I've decided to put together a post on all the things- big or small, that contribute to my day-to-day lifestyle, and which also accelerates my mental health.

Morning Routines

Despite all the chaos that enters life, my morning routine. usually stays roughly about the same. I tend to wake up with the sun at 5:30-6:30am, sit up, meditate of scan my body, watch the sun rise, slowly get myself out of bed, brush my teeth, wash my face, take myself to the ocean ,river or lake, go home, make myself a smoothie and a cup of coffee, sit outside for some time and journal, write down my emotions and write down my plan for the day.


After all of this is done, I tend to check my emails and my website, package any orders and ship them off, and respond to emails.


At around 11-12pm I make a yummy lunch, if I haven't already made a mini breakfast I'll concoct some sort of rice and curry, or pasta, or sandwich, or Dahl, something yummy and nutritious. I tend to also make some Chai with that, and feast.

Usually in the afternoon I take it easy, off to the beach, meeting friends, floating around, restaurants, cafe's, whatever flows, some adventure.



The real meaning of life- I believe, is connection with the people around you, or the people that you choose. I believe that all people do to earn money and to make a living is to truely be able to connect with the people you care about, and create genuine connections around you- friendships and family.

I believe everything really comes down to real, deep connections. 

Lots of love. Xx