"I can do nothing for you but work on myself. You can do nothing for me but work on yourself."

- Ram Das

One of the core values we stand for is
We are sacred believers that we are at the brink of wide expansion and it is our calling to be apart of the rise in consciousness. We are calling to stand up where we can, and to be apart of the change occurring world wide.
When we trust ourselves, the way we communicate changes drastically. Instead of habitually getting angry at one another, and blaming each other for our own insecurities. We can look within and discover our own pain.
If we actually sit still for a moment or two we can discover how much trauma has built up in our body over time. The way we communicate with our husband or wife or children, has become so automated that it's almost as though it's not us anymore.
We haven't been taught to take a step back and really feel what we're feeling before we act. Our body has become systemised to react when we are in a state of fear or "fight or flight". Our unconscious mind has pretty much taken the lead with how it moves, based on how it had to deal with situations in the past.
Over time this unconscious really becomes the leader of our lives, without checking in whether we actually want this.
Therefore our reactions to our partner's, children and family has become so numb and automatic, we don't ever actually get to express how much we love them. 

We promote the synchronisation of the heart, body and the soul. Which integrates in all that we do. Through having a connection with all faculties this will spread through our relationships, our work and our entire lives.