Incase you missed out...we had a chai bath in a van

Syncronisity is a life i live by. It's where everything falls into perfect place without knowing why, or even having the ability to explain why.

I live by this intuitive feeling that dictates every move, every encounter, every person I meet. 

Over the past 3 months, syncronisity has increased by at least 100%, from moving out into an apartment, with my meditator friend, to meeting all these people, interconnectedness, all these people knowing all these people, driving cars to byron, having all these people knowing and doing different things. 

Well anyways, I had met this friend at confest, he had come to sydney last month, that night i had this gathering called castle drumming on, my friend told me to come, and i told my friend who i met at confest to come. He had brought his friend, who was a photographer. At the end of the gathering, I looked at some of his photos and was really connected to them. 

I straight away messaged him saying, "When i come to byron, can we take some photos for chai and products??" And he was like, i'll be in sydney next week let's do it then.

And then the day we were supposed to do the photography, I was doing this thing called Banana treatment by the Raju Family, organised by an ayurvedic practitioner dylan smith. And I found out the guy Yitzhak, was staying at Dylan. There were just hundreds of things all linked together. And eventually when we were supposed to do the photography in the ocean in Tamarama. My friend Bobby arrived in Bondi with his van and suggested to just photograph in his bath tub and van. And so we did!

There are more photos coming, but these are just a few of them.


I really realised that Chai to me is such a lifestyle, it's like a vehicle that moves me from place to place, from person to person, connecting with everyone. It's conversation, it's talk, it's lifestyle, it's nature, it's absolute freedom, to me!!!

We also played around with the Khadi Natural Products that I shipped from India, looking into discovering the best herbals and maybe even making CHAI shampoo and conditioner!! CHAI SCRUBS! AND chai syrup!! LET ME KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS. Having so much fun here.

Still shipping chai world wide, dm me for chai, or buy online. :)

Lots of love,