Learn more about chai, spices, Hinduism and the Gods

Chai - Chai in Hindi is the word for tea. Masala chai means spiced tea. For convenience, the western world has adopted the word chai to mean spiced tea. A sweet milky spiced tea traditionally made with cardamon, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger and black tea. Masala Chai has been a drink of Indian and Middle Eastern Culture for thousands of years and an integral part of their healing culture. Originating deep within the traditions of Hindu Ayurvedic culture, Ayurvedic alchemists, shamans and the like use chai for it's healing properties. These healing properties reputedly come from the mix of Ayurvedic spices. Chai is a delicious way of introducing these healing spices into the western modern day diet. Traditional, authentic chai is made by brewing tea leaves, spices, milk and natural sweeteners which make a salubrious cup of chai tea.
Chai and chai spices have been used by alchemists and traditional Ayurvedic shaman for time immemorial to care for all kinds of common and not so common aliments. Ayurveda is translated from Sanskrit to mean “the science of life”. It is the traditional healing modality of India and one of the oldest healing modalities of the world. As modern society is turning back the clock to this ancient knowledge for answers the use of spices is becoming more prevalent in our lives. Chai is a great tasty way to induce some of these health- giving spices into our diets. As well as feeling some of the special healing powers of the spices. Cardamon in this fast paced world gives compassion and clarity, stimulating the mind and our digestive system as food is rushed with the lifestyle. The friendly comforts of a cup of tea are enhanced with cinnamon, the friend-maker and strength- giver. The added ginger in chai restores our wisdom and courage to go on through the day.
Cloves- the old wives tale that works. Cloves are great for tooth aches. Ayurvedically cloves is an expectorant and internally warms the body to produce a sweat and expel any flu or sluggish feeling and rejuvenate you. A natural stimulant it has an energising effect on the body. Cloves helps to disinfect the sympathetics and is an effective stimulant for the lungs and stomach.
There are mental and physical benefits to all spices:
Fresh Ginger - for extra zing and stimulation
Fennel seeds - for increasing and aiding digestion
Peppercorns - stimulating and warming
Saffron - reproductive system
Orange Rind - for a citrus twist.
Brahmi - as a memory tonic
Shatavari - woman reproductive tonic and hormone balancer
Star Anise - for more anise flavour
Lemon myrtle and wattleseed - for a australian bush chai
Chai - stimulating the nervous system, clearing the mind and imbuing clarity into day to day life- chai carries the qualities of transformation and stimulation. A worldly definition of alchemy is “the medieval forerunner of chemistry, concerned with the transmutation of matter, in particular with attempts to convert base metals into gold or find a universal elixir.”
Alchemy and Chai both carries the characteristics of transformation, being a mutating force of nature, causing change.
Embodying similar characteristics to Hindu Goddess Kali- Goddess of time, creation, destruction and power. Goddess of destroying in order to stimulate change and renewal.
Chai also produces quality of fire within the body - stimulating digestion and movement of the bowels.
Tutu Pele the fire goddess is one of the most well known and revered goddess in ancient Hawaiian religion. She is the goddess of fire, lightning, dance, wind, volcanoes and violence. One of her names is Ka wahine `ai honua – the woman who devours the land; and like Sekhmet, she is both a creator and destroyer. She throws molten fountains into the air and governs the great flows of lava. With her power over the volcanoes, she created the Hawaiian Islands, and to this day, Pele has been known to reveal herself in the lava that is still continuing to grow and change the Hawaiian Islands.
These are inherent in the characteristics of fire.