On a personal note. I never really ever go on "holidays". Life for me is a constant flow with the season's and with nature, constantly moving forward, and taking steps back. Nothing is essentially black or white, holidays and school. For me it's an ever continuing cycle of evolution. Constantly growing and changing with the seasons. 

For me, this business is a new ship that i've created, that can sail me and other's strong against the harsh currents of the ocean.

The ocean is a tough place, if you haven't built a strong enough ship.

A ship requiring constant repair isn't a good enough ship to me.

In non metaphorical terms, I mean, a ship constantly requiring pharmaceuticals, depression, anxiety, won't cut it for me anymore.

If a person is requiring constant repair at all time's of the day, you've gotta check your foundations.

For me, those foundations were based upon false belief habits of thinking, of the way I was supposed to live life, eat, sleep, think. Everything that I was brought up with, has since been re examined and filtered through. 

Since then, I've built constructing a strong enough ship, with strong foundations, to sail me through the ocean of life.

Life isn't supposed to be hard, life isn't supposed to be full of suffering. However, as someone once said to me, we are all on this earth to learn love.

This is a test. The heaven's is an easy place to live, the ethereal world is simple and full of love. But we come to earth to learn what love is through this human form, every single relationship, be it a friend or a partner, a "relating" ship, relating to one another, all is to progress us towards evolution of love and consciousness. 

We are here to ultimately master pure unconditional love, but the hardships, the sadness, the suffering, all along the way, is all to just help us climb the ladder of consciousness, of love.

But ultimately, we have forgotten, that life is not supposed to be hard, "row row row your boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream." 

One thing if I could recommend anything about getting out of a state of suffering, is that there is nothing one can do, the more you fight, the more the situation will persist. Firstly you must surrender to whatever is happening around you. And secondly you must have faith, faith and awareness that "this too shall pass".

Sometime's we are put in unwanted situations, we are surrounded by people who aren't nice to us, who put us down, who we don't necessarily need to be around, we are in jobs we don't want to be in. Sometime's just quitting will make the whole situation worse, sometime's quitting will actually be a cure. It all depends.

Sometime's we have to just close our eyes and listen to that voice within begging and moving us the right direction. Sometime's we have to trust that our inner voice knows best.

Sometime's we have to just have faith, tell ourselves repeatedly, this is all right, this is all for the right reason. This too shall pass. This is just progression. Everything will change.

Sometime's we have to stand so strong in our feet, and watch the transient world whirl around us, whilst we keep our feet in the ground.

Everything we have to do will differ according to the situation in front of us.

But life is a game of growth, of evolution, of love. Everything is a step closer, a step up the ladder, a step towards love/ consciousness.

So yes, everyday for me I am constantly evolving this ship. 

It has already started to set sail/ about to take off. I'm now just stocking up with the items needed on the boat. The foundation has been set down, the foundation of beliefs, of observation, of consciousness, of filtered thoughts.

Now it's just about building the strong walls, and shortly adding all the items within the boat.

The products, the herbs, the health foods, the knowledge on food, all the things to keep me on the ocean. 

Lots of love for now.




From India With Love