Making our Chai

We like to follow a more traditional way of making chai- a similar way that it is made in India.

Using a stove

Step One - To make for one cup of Chai - (double these quantities per cup) - pour half a cup of water into the stove, wait for the water to boil.

Step Two- Add one teaspoon of our traditional chai mix and wait for the water to boil, in Indian tradition- they watch the water boil, then they lower the simmer, and watch the water boil less, then turn up the stove heat, and put it back to regular.

Step Three- Add just over one half of a cup of milk of choice, and wait for the chai mix and milk to mix and boil, once it boils, turn the heat down, and then turn it back up again, and then turn it off.

Step Four-  Using a strainer, pour your chai into one cup-or two cups- depending on how many cups you have made chai for. Add your sweetener of choice, stir it.

Step Five - With friends or with yourself, sit outside, sit indoors, grab a pen, and a journey, or just chat, catch up with your friends- soak in love and nourishment.