My love of Chai


Chai is slowly becoming more of a ritual rather than a drink you just skull down.

When I was in India in 2016, I spent so much time and energy having really deep, philosophical and loving conversations with the people around me- of all kind, wealthy and poor, while drinking chai at the side of the road in India. It soon became a drink that would soon be associated with conversations about the truth. Instead of superficiality, it helped me connect with people about how they really are feeling.

I've noticed it's so easy to go through the day without asking the people around me how they are. But for me, Chai became a tool in which I could really get to know the people around me.

And same with myself, sometimes, when I'm alone, I love sitting down with myself and drinking some Chai, and journalling in my diary, and finding out how I really am.

It's become a tool and a ritual, of understanding myself even better, as well as connecting more deeply with those around me.

It's not a drink that I just drink on the go, it's more of a ritual.