Our Collection- Gems I've picked up along the way


Ultimately From India with Love came about after travelling all over different places, including INDIA and finding so much hidden beauty. There was magic in the shawl shops- I swear! 
A dream to ultimately keep exploring hidden gems, and create a platform which could keep the journey ALIVE. 
Each piece is unique to the piece, all coming from a variety of different places within India, from Rishikesh, to Tiruvanamalai, to Jaipur, to Manali. Each piece comes from a specific shop owner in which I encountered throughout my journey. Out standed by the kindness and love pouring from these shawl shops, I've purchased some of these gems and hope to pass them onto YOU!
With the intention to eventually explore Bali, more hidden gems in India, Morocco and Africa. This is only the beginning.
Add some magic of adventure in your life, and check out these gems.
I hope this can add a touch of magic and joy into your homes.