Spirituality means finding a balance between the earth and the sky. 
If we are too stuck on earth, we will feel depressed, if we are too caught in the sky, we will feel airy.
It's about striking a balance between our soul and our lifestyle. 
Making sure our soul is nourished and not drained, while making sure we are productive on earth.
Spirituality is a way of being, rather than what can be encapsulated within techniques such as meditation, yoga and all things like that.
It's really about how we integrate all those concepts into our day to day life.
How we can nourish our beings, instead of neglecting our soul's desire for peace, love and forgiveness.
There are a variety of different people on this earth, to summarise it in three types of people common in the western frame work:
One - The type of person who has worked for their degree, their job, and in a job where they feel drained and "soul sucked". 
Two - The type of person who has been in that situation, broken out of it and now lives a life integrating what they learned in the workforce in a way that encapsulates their passion, joy, and freedom.
Three - A person who has experienced their own journey, experiences freedom and joy, and therefore goes back to the workplace to integrate what they have learned.
Sub strands -
It is important to note that western framework refers to how we have been brought up in the west, as in the eastern framework it is much more culturally based.
Spirituality is important for everyone. Specifically, there is a trend with the western world, whereby an integration of the eastern philosophies become essential to day- to- day living.
It is connecting to something beyond us, beyond the realms of day-to day existence, to our highest potential, our highest expression of being. 
This can be done and tailored to every single person differently. Some find it in their day to day walks, some writing, some meditating, however it is explored, it is important to connect to our highest expression if not all day, at least a glimpse per day. 
Spirituality is a strong foundation for a potent existence.