The beginning of Chai

Two girls working at Leroy Espresso Cafe in Melbourne. We met in the beginning of 2017, having moved to Melbourne and curious to learn what it was like to live in a whole new City.

I had just turned 19, having returned back from the Holy India. Bryony, a little creative, and me, quite the curious. We were destined to work together eventually.

Spending hours, working hard, drinking an infinite amount of coffee and Chai, smiling and serving customers. Meanwhile accidentally breaking glasses and dreaming about life and all the places we could go. I told her about my little dream of From India With Love. Bryony, a designer and brander, also had her dream to sketch logos and create designs for brands products and packaging.

After both leaving Leroys, me returning to India, Bryony moving into a van with her partner, we kept meeting in and out over the years. When finally, in 2019, I began From India With Love. Reaching out to her early 2019, she jumped on board, helped create From India With Love.

A business based on adventure and travel. "Love/Unity/Connection. Creating for such a beautiful human and seeing her vision come to life is what makes my world turn. Designing this for you was effortless as it was full of the love and light you spread. Can't wait to visit you in Sydney and try your tasty Chai." 


I love you Bryony. May our dreams and visions come to fruition to its entirety. 

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