Travel is the ability to explore different worlds, culture, and other lifestyles. This helps widen our viewpoint of the way we currently think, in order to understand higher potentials and discover different experiences.
In order to travel, we must have a beginning and an end. The beginning is defined by the place we are at before the journey begins, and the end is defined by the place we are at once the journey ends. The journey itself is how we describe the process of events that happened along the way, to alchemise, transform, and change who we were at the beginning to create the person we are at the end.
Like a science experiment, we observe the process of transformation after different fluids, and chemicals are added to the constant.
The constant is us.
More so, travel gives us the ability to completely transform who we are. The people we meet along the way, the culture's we are introduced to, sites we see, the change in scenery allows for a new person to evolve. It allows for us to stop being the person we are used to being, and to open into a more expansive version of ourselves.
Sometime's travelling can be challenging and we are confronted with things we least expected, yet ultimately that allows us to grow even more.
Travel is an essential key to evoking change and growth.
Travelling might not always mean going to another country, it can also mean doing something that is entirely out of your comfort zone.