We source our Spices from Organic Farms around Australia

We like to support our local Australian Farms.

As an Australian born and bred, it is important to support the land and farmers who work very hard in Australia to grow spices, especially in an organic setup. When we ingest food or spices that are not produced in an organic way, we are ingesting lots of chemicals in our body, which in turn is not healthy, and not allowing our nervous system to function in it's best form. By choosing to use organic spices, we are assured that all the spices were grown naturally, and therefore assisting our body in it's natural rhythm and function. Australia is a very unique country, in that there's way more land than people. We are very lucky to live in Australia, a land not touched by too many people, with the ability to produce lots of healthy and organic spices and food to nourish our body.

We have chosen to continue to support organic farmers in Australia, to allow and ensure that our farmers can continue to farm the land and help Australia with healthy chemical free spices and herbs. 

We acknowledge that we have the option to source from India, however we are trying to bring awareness to support our own country, and our own land.