What we're about

We're all about the fun.


The playing, the childhood, the tea parties, the food, the friendship.


We're about lifestyle.


For those who are new to From India With Love, this has been a journey and project in the making since 2016.

I've always wanted a lifestyle where I could have fun, create, and share the joy that I've been experiencing over the past few years.

So this is what we are. We are a project, a business, an enterprise, that encourages you to live life. what are we here for? To enjoy, to express, to have fun, love and live.

Simple but true.

Today my best friend and I made chai and took photos and hung out.


We encourage you to do the same.

So what we want you to do, is enjoy yourselves! Eat more, laugh more, drink more chai and talk about real shit.


Be honest with yourself. Smile more, meditate more, eat good food. The universe wants you to smile and have fun, and if you do that, you will work with the universe and the infinite energy that is always surrounding you.


It's a choice to tap into the love vibration, to choose love, say to yourselves, I choose love and love will start choosing you. You are what is surrounding you. You are creating your very lives by the words you are muttering under your breath and the thoughts you are thinking.

You are choosing what is happening right now, so change that! Create your own life. We're here to remind you and empower you that you can do anything.

It's all




Have an amazing week.


Start writing down your thoughts.



Writing down what you'd like to change.


Writing down who you see yourself being in 20 years.



Start creating yourself






lots of love.


From India With Love