With every purchase, you create a change.



At From India With Love we are proud to promote a sustainable future by donating funds towards improving mental health within Australia. Currently we have been investing 10% of proceeds to Lifeline, a generic fundraiser within Australia, that has supported the lives of many. It has provided Australia with a support system that helps people suffering with mental health issues, providing platforms in which people can reach out if they are suffering depression or anxiety, and have no one to talk to. LifeLine provides the platform in which people can call or message and speak directly with a trained professional, to help them navigate through their emotions, for free. Therefore all donations are essential.


Whilst we are helping support mental health, we are also striving towards a healthy and sustainable future. Having explored a variety of farms and meditation campuses, as well as communities which support health and well being. As the proud owner of From India With Love, I have been travelling throughout India, Bali and Australia, finding all the communities that offer some of the best health and well being around the world. Having explored meditation centres, ashrams, vegan cafes and different lifestyles. I have witnessed all the various ways one can live. In mainstream society we believe there is a specific way to live, whereas when you venture outside the box, there are a ton of alternative and sustainable ways.


All proceeds support me in exploring the various ways of living, and soon you will be able to read through blog posts about the health and well being gems around the world. 


In the past two months, we have donated more than $400 to LifeLine. 


Thank you, all purchases are appreciated.