About Us



Hey there,

My name is Jess- founder of From India With Love. 

The name came from the realisation that was had during the first venture to India in 2016. Returning back to Australia from India filled with so much love in my heart. Feeling as though this whole vessel had soaked up love "From India" returning home bringing all that love from India. "From India With Love".

The trip in 2016 was an unfolding of events, learning about health, food, soaps, herbs, products, cottons, materials, shawls, tea, adventure and travel. It was an abundance of content and material and learnings and unlearning.

From India With Love intends to be an umbrella "business" that allows for the exploration of food, learning, good materials, quality fabrics, quality skin products. Overall a holistic branch of learning of health.

Certain elements within Society have not been explored well enough, such as alternative health and food produce during times of sickness, dealing with stress, tapping into your own power, and lifestyle.

We have focused on moving and moving, and less on living. And during the unfolding in 2016, one major lesson that was learned was how to live. How to live an abundant life. Living in line with nature, watching the sun rise and the sun set, the seasons change, and the crops grow differently. Eating with the season's. Constantly changing and moving as time went on and went off.

Life that is so simple has been over complicated. We only have 90+ years on this earth, "this life time", and we've forgotten that we can enjoy it. We can sit back simply, eat good food, and learn and study and observe.  As you navigate the website there is different options and learning's. The option to shop the many herbal products, pashmina/ yak wool shawls and blankets, cotton shawls, chai, teas.

There are more products on the line on "coming soon" such as alternative teas: tulsi tea, cotton jumpsuits, cotton skirts, head bands, a book "From India With Love" (written by me), rugs, bags, and other items that happen to catch eye.


 Our Products

We source from a whole range of different places, all based on different aspects of travel. Most of our shawls, cushions and future rugs are and will be shipped from Kashmir, India. 

The process will be documented in July-August 2019. However these products are made by a bunch of villagers, working together, with the animals, and with the land, seasonally, to create the yak and pashmina wool.

A bunch of beautiful villagers work together, hand making the wool that is soon turned into the shawls, cushions and rugs. 



If the shawl, blanket, rug or cushion isn't quite right for the space, for yourself, or just not the right colour- that's OKAY!! Just get in contact with us within 14 days of receiving your delivery, to co- ordinate the return of the items for a full refund!!

Just make sure they're in original condition with no signs of new wear!



For items located in Australia, GST and standard shipping via Australia Post is included in the price if purchasing anything above $150. Please allow up to 10 days to receive your order to give us time to properly package and send to you.


If you are in Sydney you are most welcome to arrange to pick up from our base location- Bondi Beach, Bondi Junction!


If you are located outside of Australia please get in contact for an international shipping quote.



These products require to be looked after really well. We only ever recommend using water and mild soapy water to clean your shawl and cushions. 




As we have our suppliers all over India, we can arrange for you to buy in bulk for a cheaper price. 

Go to Contact Us, Message us, with your requirements, your budget, and what products you were after. We will quote you right away.


Do you have any other questions?


Go to contact us and leave your details there. 



We look forward to hearing from you. :)