About Us



Our vision is to spread the simplicity, joy and freedom of day to day living.
Our chai is sourced organically from Queensland,Australia.
Our products' are all sourced From India With Love.



We are open to collaboration of all kind, if it's photography, wholesaling, interviews, health articles, adventures. Anything that embracing the joy and simplicity of day to day living. We are open for that. 

We embrace consciousness- businesses that embrace lifestyle and adventure.

Get in touch if you feel the call.




About the founder

Hey! My name is Jess - formally, Jessica Lips. I spent quite some time throughout India, and travelling alone, picking up all these ideas and inspirations. It almost became inevitable that I created a business based on adventure and travel.

So here it is- From India With Love- a business that embraces the joy and simplicity of day to day living. I personally love embracing social conversations, and adventures, so all these products have a touch of adventure in them. A touch of joy and of fun.


This business is becoming a vessel allowing me to keep communicating and connecting with the world around me, whilst of course, sharing that with you! Through these product's and through this business- blog posts and photography!