Did you know, your skin is the biggest organ??!!

Daaamm it's time to start looking after your body with FROMINDIAWITHLOVE.

Even though you've heard a bit about us through the ABOUT US PAGE, here is some more fun facts, back story as to what and why and how this all really came about. 

From the age of 12 to around about 18, I was excessively anxious with mild depression.

At the age of 18 was when I found myself alone in India for the first time. I felt like I could breath for the first time in my life. I was introduced to healthy living; working on a farm, eating organic fresh food, drinking tulsi tea, being looked after by so many people.

For the first time in my life I felt like I could relax, I cried and slept for the first time in years in those few weeks. Eventually they told me it wasn't anxiety that was the problem, it was my lifestyle.

They promised that if I went off my anxiety medication, I would be okay and they would look after me the whole time. So a deal was made.

I slowly eased off my meds within the next month. And before I knew it I was a beaming light, full of energy and so much love.

Nature brought me to the ground crying as I finally felt safe and held for the first time in my life. 

I was eating Spirulina, tulsi tea, drinking chai and watermelon juice. Pretty much I was introduced to all these organic produce; herbs, supplements and ways of living like never before.

After that I just couldn't go or look back and it's been a process of bringing that lifestyle to my life and to all of you.

To feel that safety and warmth. To introduce you to all these alternatives methods that saved my life and might just save yours.

So yes here it is. Our body is literally a temple. Think about what food you put into your body on a daily basis, what drinks do you consume, what environment are you living in, what talk surrounds you, what shampoos and conditioners are you using, are you using oil for your skin?, what moisturiser are you using? Literally everything that surrounds you is what you are.

Nothing is good and nothing is bad, but being aware of exactly what is around you is important. Are you putting chemicals all over your body, are you consuming excess meat or dairy, are you constantly drinking alcohol, are you constantly around people who are telling you bad or good things, who are your top five friends and what information are they instilling into you?


This is where we're coming from, being AWARE OF EVERYTHING THAT SURROUNDS YOU. Because if you're around such negativity all day, no wonder there's anxiety, no wonder there's depression, what words are the people around you telling you, and what words are you choosing to let into your life!!

SO YEAH, ON A PERSONAL BASIS, IN AN ATTEMPT TO LIVE AND CONSUME A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE IN A CITY. I'm trying to bring in only the best goods to make this life worthwhile. To be healthy and clean and happy and positive. 

So pretty much we are trying to sell products that have only impacted our lives, that creates lifestyle, not just a product, not just this or that, but it's about giving our body what it needs, love and nature, and health. 


So yeah, more insight....


Lots of love. :)