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Our Story

Founded by Jessica Lips, at age 21. She had spent a few years exploring the gems of Mother India- from age 18 she immersed into India, exploring all the rituals and cultures and spirituality. It was around this time she immersed herself into a ten day Vipassana meditation course, and had a strong vision to create a business and a community that shares the simple love of joy, existence and community. After immersing strongly into the Indian Culture she started to realise how potent the Indians connection with Chai is. A drink that bonds both the rich and the poor, it is accessible for every person. This is where the common unity of Chai sparked Jess’ interest. She had noticed that this was missing in the West- the ability to simply sit and chat and connect. She noticed how work orientated the western world was, and it was missing this level of deep connection and common union. This has been her mission ever since, to bridge the gap between the east and the west- and to bring connection in the western world.

Our Chai

Our Chai is sourced and made from organic spices sourced locally around Australia. It is all packaged in eco-friendly bags, and made and blended with so much love. We are constantly working on other product’s for you to enjoy. 

The Founder

Jessica Lips
With a natural ability to create, she webbed and weaved this business, as a way to connect friends and family. This would not have been possible without the emotional support and love from her parents- Gabriel and Vicki- who have stood by her side from the very first stalls all over Sydney, holding her hand through it all, and sharing the passion and love with their friends and community. 
She was born into a family with grandparents all from the Holocaust, all over Europe. After the holocaust, her grandparents- Ida and Isak (dad's parents) settled in Australia, starting an entire life from scratch. After coming from nothing, they started again, as we do. When all structure's collapse we are bound to build another one.
And so it goes- the story, Jess was born into the eastern suburbs of Sydney, near Bondi, finishing school, she spent a long time travelling, coming to the realisation that she wants to create a business- from scratch. She loved connection, and connecting people, and bringing people together- she felt this could be a legacy, a restaurant, retreat centre one day. But for now, she decided to start with Chai- the simplicity.
This business is about connecting everyone and bringing people together, friends and family- a constant building of community. 
Our mission statement is to bring people together, and constantly be building a community of love and kindness, growth and optimism. With this sense of hope, can we really build a bright world together. We love co creating and collaborating with likeminded people to help spread this message. The importance of family, connection and community, to be able to really flourish into our best selves. Our healthiest and happiest self!
With love,

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