The old is coming back!

One of the most inspiring things of the past three years was learning about all these ancient traditions, not even learning about them, but experiencing them! 


Feeling these Traditional Indians remain SO CONTENT with zero money, made me realise how strong their connection with the land, with god, with something was. In comparison to a lot of Westerners who are blessed with so much money, but still remain not content!

I watched these traditional Indians, and nepalese for that matter, some live in a tiny shed with three children, but the community was so strong! Drinking one chai, being apart and connected with the entire community, was enough to fulfil their needs. And take away from the fact that they may not have had any wealth in materialism. In fact, their wealth was deeply rooted in community, in lifestyle, and in family.

I observed many people of the West and even some of the wealthy Indians, have a lot of money, and massive houses, but they were trapped in their house, in many ways, had entrapped themselves in wealth. They felt they could not get out. In this way, there was a lot of wealth, and materialism, and furniture, but little connection to those around them. The simple pleasures were not enjoyed, connecting with friends and family was not enjoyed. There was just a lot of craving and greed for more, more and more!

I observed many people in the little town of Tiruvanamalai, especially that town! Live in tiny rooms, with little possessions, yet be blessed with an entire mountain, a sacred mountain, and lots of community. Everyone was supporting each other. If you liked Juicing Lemongrass, you would be apart of the cafe. If you had vegetables, you would grow them for the cafe next door. Everyone had a role to play, big or small. And this to me dictated and perceived wealth. Wealth was the smaller contributions, contributing to the bigger things, but every one had a role to play!

In my experience, I lived in a tiny room in Tiruvanamalai, and some parts of India, with tiny amounts of possessions. I would be out from 5am until 2am some days, spending time with everyone all day, every day! There was never nothing to do. Always growing, always reading, always learning, helping out in cafes, learning about the culture, sitting with different chai wallahs, making chai, life was an abundance!

It wasn't about how much i owned, more about what i could offer right then and there!

Within all of this, it is all the smaller traditions that build the wealth of nothing. It is all the traditions and connections that connect the people to themselves and to the land! It is the deep engrained knowledge and wisdom of their surroundings that make them feel so content in where they are and what they are doing.

I listened and learned to the wisdom of the mountain arunachala in Tiruvanamalai. A holy sacred mountain, that is told to represent your highest self. You look at the mountain, and it always echoes back to you, everything you need to hear and know about yourself. In that little town, it is magic, what scares you the most will scare you, and what loves you the most will love you. The entire town is a reflection of yourself. And that is simply because they have created and given representation to that mountain. That mountain could have been just any other mountain, but Ramana Maharishi gave such power to that mountain, that other's cannot look at it the same ever.

Same with Bondi Beach, if we decide to give it such power and such representation, to rid ourself of everything that doesn't serve us, it can become such a powerful tool of transformation, people won't have to be going to all these places to find meaning, the meaning will be brought here!

We can choose to give objects such power, that connects us so deeply to ourselves.

Personally when connecting to India as a whole, chai was a strong connection, so were blankets, shawls, rugs, it was the entire atmosphere that created the whole environment!

Each rug has it's own tradition, as does the chai, as does the fabrics and material, all stemming from ancient traditions that has taught the Indians how to make each of these objects. 

I cannot say that these objects make up for the tradition and the culture, however, through my experience, when living and soaking in the entire atmosphere, these were a few things that made me experience home, within a vast vast land, all alone.

Hemp has come to my attention recently, when visiting Nepal and falling in love with the strength of hemp. There was such a power in the material, feeling extremely connected to myself, and empowered with the land. There was a certain god and goddess energy of the material.

A lot of the product's i work with, I don't actively choose, it comes to me, and i play around with it, and end up working with it, whereas it all makes sense eventually. 

The more I look into Hemp and learn about hemp, it has its ancient lineage throughout the whole of India and Nepal, ancient lineage beyond what we can imagine. Hemp has been used and worked with for thousands of years. But Hemp has been integrated with other fabrics and it's hard to find the purest form.

That's been a fun journey for me, looking into where to find the purest form, and revive ancient traditions. Bringing them back from the "Dead".

In a new form, a new space.

Personally I lacked a lot of connection with material growing up, and the understanding of where everything comes from, has connected me beyond all measures. Even knowing the power of herbs, of Ayurvedic traditions, Ayurvedic herbs, Hemp material, Kashmiri Rugs and Shawls, Diamonds, Crystals, Bamboo. I've come to observe that almost everything that surrounds me in modern day form, all stems from the source and basis of all these ancient lineages.

This project and "Business" has become and is becoming much more than just a "business". Also a strong knowing and connection to that which has created what now exists, all the materials and objects that surround us in modern day form, has all come from a previous source.

It is a journey looking into those previous sources. 

Lot's of love for now.


From India With Love.