Spiced Chai 250 Grams
Spiced Chai 250 Grams

Spiced Chai 250 Grams

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We source our Spices from Organic Farms around Australia.

Ingredients include cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, star anise, black tea and lots of love.

Our Chai is blended and packaged with a lot of love. We know the importance of the way it is made, and the energy of the people and processes that make the chai. How it will impact the consumer (YOU!) when drinking the Chai. We take extra care and intention with the packaging and production of the Chai so when it is delivered to you, it fills your body up with love and health. 

The vibration in which our Chai is made is how you will consume it. We vibrate high, and we know you will too!

"Everything is energy". - Albert Einstein

The spices also help with you metabolism. It will add fire to your digestion and is perfect as the first drink in the morning, or early afternoon. It will fire up your digestive system, creating extra flow and movement. 


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