10 best Conscious Brands I consume- note from the founder

A note from the Founder of From India With Love


What does it mean to be a conscious brand?

"Conscious branding is exactly what the words describe. It is about making a conscious effort as a brand to be conscious about our actions and reactions to the world we exist in, knowing that what we put out has consequences, some of them long-term."

- Green Living Magazine

- awareness of the intention of your brand.

- awareness of what we create is consumed by the audience- creating a conscious brand to help enliven the audience, not deteriorate the consumer.

- branding is not just the physical product- it is the content, blog posts, imagery, and the message that the brand puts out.

- the product's you consume, will impact your entire life, small scale to large scale.

- as a consumer, being conscious of the brands you are consuming.


My journey with consumerism - from unconscious to conscious

Based on personal experience, when I was growing up I would have no awareness with the things I was consuming, I would purchase whatever was in trend, rather than having any sense of conscious awareness of why and the purpose of it.

I had accumulated too many clothes, too many advertisements, too much information- and information that wasn't even beneficial to my health. It was telling me to purchase more and more, rather than actually help and assist with my life.

As of 2017, I made a conscious choice to get rid of every single item of clothing I had accumulated those 14 years (keeping baby clothes obviously), but I was interested to start again, with a clear intention and conscience. 

I sold everything - that I had purchased from brands all over the globe.

And as of 2017-2018-2019 I started accumulating new clothes with a clear intention.

Most of my product's started coming from brands that my friends have created- based on higher consciousness. I didn't really understand what it meant to be a conscious brand, but after consuming brands that are based on ethical principles, only recently have a developed a greater understanding.

When you buy into a conscious brand- a brand that holds its values to helping the environment and the earth prosper, or working with nature- firstly the energy that goes into building the product is what you consume, plus all the articles that you read via instagram or online blog/website is what you start to consume on a daily basis. Most of the content that I have been consuming from these brands are based on enlivening your health "how to sleep better", "7 great quotes for tough days", "Be wild", "Are you tired or are you burnt out? Here's what a psychologist wants you to know."

These are the 10 best conscious brands I consume (Including my own)

1. Bed Threads
2. In Your Arms
3. Hara The Label
4. Pottery for the Planet
5. Little Known Makers
6. The Sattva Collection
7. Vital Veda
8. Ghanda
9. Aymara Textiles
10. From India With Love

- Love from Jess xx