Happy Birthday Mum!

It was my Mum's 60th last month in December. Both Mum and Dad came to Byron Bay for a couple of weeks. On the night of my mum's birthday (Vicki), we went to Rae's on Wategos Beach. Ordered the yummiest and freshest food and had a good chat with the head Chef- Jason Saxby. 
It was an honour to hear how the whole point of Rae's on Wategos is all about community, as it should be. They love creating a vibe where everyone connects, and feels at home. An unforgettable experience.
I wouldn't be where I am today without my family. We have pulled each other through many things, good times and bad times. We've seen it all.
I am so grateful for both my Mum and Dad for bringing me into this world and supporting me through this entire enterprise.
It is the little thing's that really create the big thing's in life. There are so many small things that go unnoticed or unsaid and it is those thing's that really deserve the highest of acknowledgement.
It was an honour to have my parent's up in Byron, to show them around my world- all the cafe's, the beaches. Unfortunately it was pouring with so much rain that we couldn't do all the hikes and waterfalls that we wanted to. But just spending all the days with my parents, brought me back to myself.
After spending so much time with new faces, old faces, so many people. It is highly grounding to be with my parent's, people who have known me since day one.
I love you both.