If you don't like the world around you currently. Change it!

If you don't like the world around you currently. Change it!

And by saying that, that doesn't mean change everyone around you, but it means change your perspective, change the ground you're standing on. Change your beliefs, change everything that you think you are. And start visualising the person you can be. Start reading books with good intentions, read people who have changed their lives, speak to people who stand on solid ground.


Firstly, we are brought up being taught certain beliefs and habits and frames of minds, that dictate how we communicate with the people around us, and how we perceive ourselves. If we are told from a young age that we are a nerd, some people might think they are a nerd until the day they die. Or sometime's people are used and abused from a young age, and carry guilt and depression until the day they die. Pretty much, our first 10 years of our lives; we are such like a sponge, literally absorbing the entire world as it enters our view, our senses, we absorb the entire world around us. And depending on what we sponge, most people never learn or are given the tools to unsponge that information out of them.

And so, back to solid ground- what is it?

Solid ground is filtering through your entire belief, your entire sponged identity, looking at what you have sponged in your life up until now. All the informations that serve you and don't serve you.

Some people are sponged really well, being taught they are a queen, they are worthy, they have the capability to demand absolutely anything they would like. Some people are sponged that they are worthy and this serves them.

But some people are thrown under the carpet with their value, and sponged some really negative information. 

Pretty much, solid ground defines the process of completely and utterly sorting and filtering through your entire belief system up until now. How you are communicating with people and where you stand in the face of certain people.

Are you putting yourself below certain people? Perceiving yourself as less value than specific people?

Why? Who taught you to devalue yourself?

Are you allowing yourself to be thrown around sexually? Who taught you to do that?

Why are you putting yourself below specific people, family members, places. Who taught you to do that!

AND SO. It is about finding your world. From which part of the universe do you stand from. You can create that place. You can create your own positive high horse, that cannot drop down to things not worthy of it. You can create your world from which only love drops in, or has the invitation to come in.

You can create your world from which you are living, and which you are interacting and perceiving the world. 

The first step, is, to acknowledge how powerful we are, and also how vulnerable we are. We cannot change thing's using the same method or thing it was created by.

But setting the intention for change is powerful. It is saying to the universe, I WANT to change myself, and the lens in which i perceive the world. But also recognising that perhaps YOU DON'T have the tools to change your position, but you are giving trust to something far beyond you, that DOES HAVE ALL THE TOOLS YOU NEED, to change your position.

Setting intention is so powerful, because it is awareness and consciousness, to recognise that any change is possible, but also trust that something beyond you can help you out.

After setting intention, wait and receive, the process of self creation, or self re creation, is such as building a stair case, we might have a tiny feeling of what the whole stair case may look like, or perhaps we have no idea, we just know we are capable of creating a staircase. Each step is a new tool, to create the next step, we must walk blindly but trustingly, caution not fear, and soon behold the whole staircase will be right in front of us, we will be standing on the top, in our thrown and castle. Watching the world from the views we have created.

Must love and trust.