One of my biggest hobbies is PHOTOGRAPHY, it is something I do alongside From India With Love, and I use so much of this content for FROM INDIA WITH LOVE.
I have been shooting for different friends and people over the past couple of years- since I was 15 I loved photographing people, I purchased my first camera at age 17, lost it in India, purchased a new one at the beginning of last year and have been shooting ever since.
Early last year I came in contact with an amazing human - AVS,  we met under various circumstances - I was picking up the Bhagavad Gita from his studio, little did I realise, he runs an International photography Institution called International Institute of Art and Photography. Months went by and I moved to Byron Bay, I was studying Yoga part time and socialising majority of the other time. 
I eventually decided to enrol in his course that he was conducting- a three month course from September until December 2020. This particular course was called "Mastering Professional Photography". It filled my cup up with all the basic knowledge on Manual photography (Although I still have so much room to improve and grow in that field), and also gave me complete interactive knowledge when creative a space to shoot for people. It filled me up with Photoshop and Lightroom and all the basic foundations needed for photography. 
I had already conducted 20+ shoots over the past couple of years, and I had a whole array of shoots coming up within those months I was doing the course. For the final exam, I had to create a portfolio and idea in which I displayed all the photographs that I had taken under an umbrella heading. I decided to call this "Cyclical Living" where I shoot brands and people that are in alignment to nature. All my shoots up until then always included people and brands who are in complete alignment to nature. That's what I'm all about. So it forced me to get organised with all the shoots I had been taking until then, plus when shooting for more people, it helped me organise the intent in which I feel motivated to take photos of them.
ALL IN ALL, I highly recommend this international institution for those interested in photography. It is by far the best and most interactive course run by a very conscious person- Avs. His story is remarkable, creating this business from scratch himself, he gained the courage and motivation to follow his dreams and create this business all himself. He inspires me every day. You all need to try this course.
Here are some shots from the latest portfolio 
Cyclical Living
"My project vision is to capture the magic, joy and spontaneity of existence- through people and product’s. This includes capturing people who radiate a sense of joy, surrounded by nature- the ocean, and lifestyle living. Capturing the simple thing’s acts as a reminder for all of us to enjoy the little things- it’s the little thing’s that make the big thing’s even more special. Through the use of models and people who radiate a sense of joy and overall well-being, with product’s that are sustainable to our earth, allow for viewers to become inspired to live in a healthy way and in alignment with nature.    "