Self - Discovery

"Step into the fire of self-discovery. This fire will not burn you, it will only burn what you are not." - Mooji

This weeks topic is all about change. Change is a mighty dance between fear and love, our heart and our mind. Have you ever had that feeling of wanting to do something that completely contradicts everything you are in this present moment? Whether it's changing courses, changing jobs, or completely dropping your job to follow your passion? 

That feeling when you first have the vision, and inspiration, and become all excited. But then when it comes to execution, your body and mind freezes, and you're like, okay no, let's stick to the original plan, it's a lot safer.

We're talking about that moment. When your heart beckons for change and ambition, and then your mind starts to come in with all these fears. It's at this moment where it's important to jump. Jump into the change, into the new charm.

After a lot of experience of not listening to this charm and intuition, it has taken us lots of pain to figure out that the universe wants us to dance with change, to follow our heart and follow our deepest desires and passions.

Although we have been brought up to believe that we need to follow our minds and everything needs to make sense. I believe that we are all here for something much bigger than we realise, and by following our hearts we can step into the person we were put here to become.

That could physically manifest in so many forms. It could be your highest purpose to serve as a doctor, or a farmer, or a writer. We call this Dharma. Each of us has a different Dharma, in all sorts of forms. But it is important to discover your Dharma and live a happy and healthy life. 

Some questions of the day are-

What is your Dharma?

What has made you feel the most you?

Which moment's in time do you reflect on to be your happiest and why?

Are you currently living your dream?

If no, what would that look like?

What steps are needed to actualise this?

Lots of love,

From India With Love. Xx

Photo features Ismail Kapcak, Moshe Topol, Shakti Savita and founder Jessica Lips in Byron Bay.