Taking a break and continuing to Follow the charm

Follow the charm is a topic i've recently been introduced to. Incepted from the vedic perspective, it literally means what it entails.

Follow the charm according to the vedic perspective means to follow that feeling that charms you. Obviously there are different ways of viewing this, but for example; sometime's in the wake up the night, or in the early morning's, or during meditation, you get connected to a state of stillness. Within that stillness you begin to hear whispers of something, of ideas, of thing's you can do, of thing's you want to do, of dreams.

It could be as dramatic as quit your job, and do this or that, it could be to go to this grocery store instead of that grocery store, it could be to start eating a specific food, it could be to go travel and write, it could be anything. And usually it is a charming idea. It feels right, and it feels good. 

From my own experience, I was meditating 1.5 months ago, when I realised most of my Chai + shawl stock was out, some of my friends were in India, and I felt my time in Sydney had closed it's doors. Slowly. I was meditating and had this gut instinct to travel to byron for some time, and then go to india. My first reaction to that feeling was confusion; like why, I wanted to stay in Sydney a bit longer, I wanted to keep hanging with the people i had become so close to, I wanted to keep growing in Sydney, I was so happy here! And then some logic started swirling around, to explore and photograph india, photograph some stock, look at the background of how products are made, look into alternative products, give india another exploration and see how i can bring that way of living closer to Sydney.

I took a step back and didn't act on anything. I mentioned to one or two people I might start heading off, back to India soon, just to slowly start suggesting the idea. Suddenly I had 2 people tell me they are looking for an apartment (to take my room), i had a friend post about needing someone to drive their car up to byron and possibly to goldcoast airport, i had friends in byron telling me to come, and i had friends in kashmir telling me to stay and work on the houseboat. I had an array of people suggesting to pick me up from the airport, to do this and that, to come see me. Everything seemed to just work out all at once.

I took a step back and just settled the idea, and then I started making it a reality. 

I feel like we are constantly surrounded by people telling us what to do, and what to think that sometimes we miss out on trusting our intuition. But it's our choice, the choice is ours. When we blame other's for choosing for us, and blame other's for our misery, or for forcing us to do this or that, we have decided that an opinion outside of us is better than an opinion within us.

For example, some people have power over us because we've given them the power to "know better" over us.

Some people give the newspapers credibility, or the media credibility, some people choose one person's opinion over another. It was and is never the fault of other's it is simply and constantly the fault of ourselves. We have chosen to adhere to the perspective of one over another.

Sometime's I feel angry at say a parent, or a close friend for putting me down for what I'm doing, but soon enough I realise i've actually given the permission to hold their opinion worthy over the opinion of say someone else who lifts me up.

Let's just keep it simple and realise the choice is always ours, who we are listening to, and who we are allowing into our lives, who we are trusting, and who we are not trusting. The choice is always ours.

And then to keep it even simpler, sometime's we give ourselves so much "control", we think we know exactly why something is happening, and we feel as though we are in control of everything. We feel as though we are so important and that everything we choose is our choice, and we think we know everything. 

To keep it even simpler, just get on with whatever it is you're doing, get on with whatever is happening to you, or through you! We are all channels after all and the goal of the universe is to evolve, constantly, inconsistently and consistently. All and nothing. So sincerely, if something crazy or overwhelming is happening right now, don't take it too seriously, just flow with it, or let it flow through you. Everything is happening to challenge you, to go higher and higher and higher, to take leaps you wouldn't have taken otherwise.

We are human beings, we learn through humans, we can also learn through our self and our own inner wisdom, but also people challenge us, people question us, people force us to think higher and differently. Imagine it was just you on this planet? Just you, what would happen? We all co exist together.

And so, in the midst of crazy dynamics, conflicts, change, fight, just realise or remember it's all with the purpose of evolution. Growing out of people, into new people, into higher worlds, and higher realms. Becoming more than you even thought was possible, become closer and closer to who you really are!!

Life is and can be so much better than it is now. Not to try and rush the process, but to just realise all the possibilities that exist, and to not bound you to what you think there is, to your quiet current reality. 

More posts coming.

Much love.