We are a business of travel and adventure


Thank you for being apart of this platform. Honestly I was inspired to create it one and a half years ago because my heart is filled with so much adventure and travel- it's my passion to go around the world and talk to hundreds of different people, getting to know who they are how they are.


I honestly couldn't ditch my heart for university or study- even though that was what I was meant to do- my heart wanted connection and to create and to expand. My heart honestly had so many things it wanted to see and create.


So I decided to create this platform where I could do exactly that. Obviously I didn't have the intentions for only making money selling chai and other goods- it's more the lifestyle of living simply, being able to connect with so many people on a day to day basis. Being able to write about any topic that inspires me.


So thank you for being on this journey with me. And I'm excited for where else this journey will take me.


To more places, more people, more adventures, more connection.